15th International Congress of Organisation of Educational Institutions (CIOIE)

October 17th, 18th and 19th , 2018


The University of Lleida, with the help and leadership of the “Equip de Desenvolupament organitzacional (EDO)”, and the collaboration of the Faculty of Education, tha Faculty of Psychology and Social Work has the honour to organize the 15th International Congress of Organisation of Educational Institutions (CIOIE).

This fact implies to open its doors to professionals of the Organisation of Educational Institutions, to teachers and professional groupsho devote, every year, their effort, their time and their capacity to investigate and spread good practical in the educational field. They do all that with the hope and the perspective of improvement in a time of crisis and looking for a future where the Educational institutions are going to improve and where this improvement will innovate teaching processes.


Like in previous years, the CIOIE directs to the following collective:

  • Professors and university researchers.
  • Managers of the direction and management of formal and no formal educational institutions.
  • Personal attendant of the assessorament to educational centres (Services of Inspection and Educational Evaluation, Services of Orientation, Centres of Formation of Professorat, …)
  • Managers of the organisation and management of institutions and programs of intervention partner-comunitària and educational.
  • Managers of Educational Politics
  • Specialists of the Degrees and Master’s dregrees in Education, Pedagogy and Psychopedagogy. 
  • Families, teachers and graduates in Education.
  • Other collective of professionals of the field socio-sanitary with participation in the organisational dynamics of school centres.